Let's chat about marriage...





My name is Tiffany Hardenberg. I am a wife to the hardest working man and I am also a stay at home mom to a lively toddler boy and sweet baby girl.


I grew up in central Pennsylvania surrounded by farmland, but after tying the knot I have now fallen comfortably into my "Jersey girl" boots.  


My days consist of a whirlwind combination of cooking, cleaning, wiping behinds, play dates,  laundry, Bible stories, kitchen dance parties, and making time to pursue the husband I love. I am just an ordinary wife trying to juggle it all while still keeping things exciting in the bedroom.

I am deeply passionate about helping couples understand the importance of physical intimacy and opening up the taboo conversation of sex. My heart's desire is to encourage women to be a godly wife inside and outside of the bedroom, no matter what this world throws their way. 

Come along with me and let's restore God's design for our marriages and sex lives! 



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